Rose Again Foundation provides Emergency / New Placement Gifting of new clothes, shoes, undergarments, basic necessities, backpack, books and toys, school supplies, handmade blanket and cards of encouragement to foster children when they first arrive to their foster home. 


Foster parents complete the Emergency / New Placement Gifting  application which provides the child’s clothing and shoe size, favorite color, character or team and any special needs. Rose Again Foundation then shops for the child and delivers the gift bags to the foster home. 


Our goal is to provide the child with these basic necessities within 48 hours of receiving the application. This allows the child to quickly get back to their daily routine such as returning to school. It also allows the child to attend school in new clothes and shoes that look good and fit properly.




Rose Again Foundation created our Tutor Me Program when several foster families reached out expressing a dire and immediate need for tutoring. One family had foster children tied to a high profile case and they were not allowed to attend school for their own safety. Another family shared that their fosters had never gone to school and could only write their first name at ages 9 and 11, and yet were placed in their grade level at school. 


Our Tutor Me program provides in-home tutoring to Emergency / New Placement foster children to help them catch up to their grade level at school. Being taught in the comfort and privacy of their foster home is key to helping the kids learn. Understanding what is being taught in the classroom helps foster kids better acclimate to their new school, builds self esteem and allows the fosters to make new friends.  



​Rose Again Foundation provides financial assistance through our Kids Soar - Extra Curricular Activities Program for foster children to take part in the extra curricular activity of their choice. This includes sports, music, arts, STEAM, Scouts, Clubs, and day or week camps. 


Extra Curricular Activities provide a healthy outlet for the pain, trauma and anger foster children carry with them. These precious children wake up each day putting one foot in front of the other as they try to acclimate to their new surroundings, catch up to their grade level at school, make new friends and learn to trust again.  


Extra Curricular Activities give foster children the opportunity to take part in something they may have only dreamed of doing as they learn, achieve, make new friends and enjoy just being a kid again.