Emergency / New Placement Program Application

Rose Again Foundation provides our Emergency / New Placement Program Gift Bag that includes items such as new clothes, shoes, a handmade blanket, basic needs, a backpack, school supplies, books and toys, along with cards of encouragement to severely neglected, abandoned, abused and traumatized foster children when they first arrive to a foster home with little to nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Tutor Me Program - Application

Rose Again Foundation provides financial assistance for in-home and online tutoring

to foster children with little to no education to help the children catch up to their grade

level at school.

Most foster children are behind in school when placed into foster care. Some have

never even attended school. Many are unable to read or write. The lack of education

adds a heavy burden to already traumatized foster children.

Extra Curricular Activities - Application

Rose Again Foundation provides financial assistance for Extra Curricular

Activities to help provide a healthy outlet for the trauma, pain and anger foster

children may carry with them daily from their past. Activities and exercise can

benefit the children both mentally and physically. Activities allow the kids the

opportunity to learn, achieve, make new friends and build self esteem, helping

them acclimate to their new surroundings.

This valuable program provides for summer activities and includes summer

camps, swim lessons, sports, arts and music. Our Kids Soar - Extra Curricular

Activities application must be completed and approved prior to a foster parent

registering and paying for an activity.

Financial Aid program - Application

Rose Again Foundation works hard to provide financial assistance for needs that

improve the health, wellness or education of a foster child. A need that otherwise

will go unmet, and would cause a financial hardship for the foster parent.

Needs may include food insecurities, clothing, tutoring, educational tools, and

special needs