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W E   C O U N T   O N   Y O U ,  B E C A U S E   F O S T E R   C H I L D R E N   C O U N T   O N   U S !

Not everyone can adopt, but everyone can do something!

Imagine you are a foster child. You are scared, confused, suffering from severe neglect, abuse or trauma. Removed quickly from your home with little to nothing but the clothes on your back, you find yourself living in a strangers home. Everything familiar is gone. Your family, friends, neighbors and sometimes even your siblings.


You are placed in your grade level at school. You may not know how to read or even write anything more than your name. You wake up each day placing one foot in front of the other as you try to move forward while feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. You suffer in silence. Unaware of whom to trust and how to ask for the help you desperately need.  


Rose Again Foundation arrives with an Emergency / New Placement gift bag.

Our gift bag includes new clothes, shoes, and undergarments, basic needs, backpack, handmade blanket, cards of encouragement and more. You are welcomed to your new community with kindness, love and a smile. 

Rose Again Foundation provides the following to Foster Children:

  • Emergency / New Placement Gifting program

  • Tutor Me program

  • Extra-Curricular Activities program

  • New Shoes program

  • Bless the Children - Breakfast with Santa

Rose Again Foundation provides the following to Emancipated Foster Youth:

  • Thrive Box 

  • Food Staples and Basic Necessities  

  • New Shoes / Clothes

  • Christmas Gifting

  • Scholarship Opportunities for College or Trade School

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Temecula's Ruff & Ready Gives Back!


Imagine you are a foster teen. Odds are you will never be adopted.


You are about to age out of the foster care system without family for guidance or support.


Try as you may the odds are greatly stacked against you.

Aging Out of Foster Care Statistics

(National Foster Youth Institute)

  • More than 23,000 children age out of the US foster care system every year

  • 20% of children who were in the foster care system will become instantly homeless

  • 90% have no source of income when leaving foster care

  • 65% have not graduated from High School

  • 7 out of 10 girls become pregnant before the age of 21


Providing new clothes, shoes, handmade blanket and cards of encouragement, basic necessities, school supplies, and special needs items, to abused, traumatized, and severely neglected foster children when they first arrive

with little to nothing but the clothes on their backs.


Providing in-home tutoring to foster kids with little to no education when they first arrive in their foster home, helping them catch up to their grade level at school. We have served foster kids up to age 11 who could only write their first name but now they're caught up and enjoying school.


Financial assistance for foster kids to enjoy the extra-curricular activity of their choice, such as sports, music, theater, arts, steam, clubs, scouts and day or week camps.

Providing a healthy outlet for the foster child's trauma

and their loss and separation from family.

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